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2017 Remember when a doctor used to tell you when you needed attention? Now, with help from a playmate, an insider, a medium, an agonizer, and a dropout, you know when and how to attend to your health, and to corroborateor, if you can afford to, have a practitioner attend to your health.
for generations 2018 we didn't...
TABknow who we are
TABTABThere are those who know, yet their knowing is exceptional. Consider yourself lucky knowing one, and not being one. Healing takes time. Investigation reveals fragments of your identity. Better to get the entire identity at once. Who you are is coded in your cells. It cost much money at first, and those discovering your code protected it. Now it is cheaper—offsetting the cost by them using your code. Since you leave your 'footprint' wherever you go, you can be tied to events, as if signing the register. Consider not having the luxury of indecision. Knowing your genetic destiny allows you to take precautions, and knowing in advance of deterioration makes taking action urgent. Until you have your DNA analyzed, your best guide is looking at the numbers. Let's look at the numbers for Alzheimer's. If Alzheimer's disease is in your family, or suspected/undiagnosed dementia of any kind, this is when you stop worrying about others reading your DNA. It is time to act, now. Chapter 1 of this book has been written for you. Make time to read the whole chapter. It will direct you further. The following text is for those not concerned with Alzheimer's(they have more important text to read elsewhere). Further knowing who we are is demystified by this claim 'every ailment is healed with every treatment'. Here is an example: ebola healed with vitamin C. Imagine a patient out there who is vitamin C deficient, with not much else wrong with him, except he contracted ebola. Imagine another with heavy-metal toxicity, whose genetic makeup precludes him from benefiting from even an average dose of vitamin C—not even the purest, buffered, ascorbate. Which of the 2 gets healed? Who knows? A healer. Here is another example, albeit flippant ^. To match a diagnosis with a healing protocol takes knowing who the patient is. You can know who you are. Don't mind others knowing.
TABeat sea vegetables
TABTABThe lights are going out on the last established dispensers of natural products. Trying to buy undamaged produce from supermarkets, or finding cooked live foods when dining in town, becomes like swimming against the tide. But wait—there's that glimmer of hope—in amongst the throng of business-minds flogging gratification(that old, dead, horse)—although old, dead, horse would do nicely compared with what you might find on the shelf/plate of the best rated providers—new sources of information/product have begun to appear, from cultures that embrace the wisdom of daily intake of sea vegetables, in the form of shops springing up that gratification pushers have evacuated(e.g. goodbye SubWay, hello CentrePoint food store—although, alas, they both still dispense candy). Then, sensibilities need to dictate appropriate choice—beyond labels like: brown, green, and red—to the discernment of benefit, depending on who should eat which vegetable—not to forget those who are allergic to the ingredient iodine(they have to be weaned onto what others are screaming to avoid). Ultimately, put away that fear—confirm from existing recounts of successfully applied protocols how to safely venture to this foreign, thriving, welcoming, world.
TABget along well with...
TABTABYou'll have heard the saying 'keep your friends close, and your enemies closer'. Someone you work with/don't agree with/wont sit next to/have to live with, that makes your environment distressful, is your enemy. To make your day/journey/project a success today's society needs you to: greet; listen to; treat him/her with care and compassion. Is this the same society that needs the air/sea/soil to be polluted? How functional is it? How organized? Imagine an organization that tackles pollution and confronts enemies. From this organization we learn about enemies, killers, death, and life, about combining forces, changing strategy to match the threat-level, controlling its members—and when threats reduce—doesn't even have to disarm its killers, just dispose of the mess. It knows about enemies, and deploys interceptors with an arsenal and a team of collaborators. The complexity and legacy of such a power impresses. It doesn't require thinking big—the members of this giant are small—microscopic. Been there? Stop reading here! Yes, its secrets are revealed reading immunology. Now, just before you start honing your strategy, based on another's, remember that the immune system also suffers from pollution, and caring for it benefits us—especially those compromised.
TABknow whether we can...
TABTABYou were already cheating destiny. From your 1st diagnosis, fearful, bewildered, and defiant, you feverishly ploughed through enough information to find a treatment, made lifestyle changes, and stopped the disease in it's tracks. The next diagnosis was more serious, leaving you helpless and angry, feeling mortified, and this one took a few years to beat. By then it occurred to you that your success started leaving the failures of others behind. Repeatedly, you found yourself in the company of a few curious characters in the game, who interested you—mostly through their quiet progress and steadfast manner—of addressing the issues others steer clear of. What remained was a handful of ailments that hadn't responded to treatment: some less life-threatening; some the establishment has given up treating—they prefer to startup support-groups, charities, and care-centers, to celebrate disfunction; then along came one you'd been waiting for—a ticking time-bomb with an unstoppable mechanism—that only the bravest colleagues have a progressive prognosis for. This one doesn't rot you: you fall down; first you cry, get up, and carry on; you've fallen before—no big deal—except your face was bruised, legs, arms, and hips cut, and apart from road-rash(at the slowest of speeds), you had a broken rib(not having fallen from more than your standing height)—because your body didn't react by putting your hands out to break the fall(one flopped under your ribs), and nothing stopped you falling on your head. Recurrence forced you to abandon extreme aspirations of regular exercise—throw out the drawing board, and find a new focus—out with the big picture, the answer lay in smallness, so did the cause. After the fight, the acceptance, corrected behavior, and a continental dietary shift, your 1st sign of hope came, quietly questioning: 'Can I do this? Am I doing what's right? How do I know?'. You would find confirmation with one look in the eyes of one who knows.
2018 Having overcome neglect, being left with insecurity, it is time to get into the rhythm. Don't just sit there—don't lie in bed—venture into the unknown: find a trampoline: replace that static world with a moving flow of intense colors and contrasts; get those juices flowing: massage, accupressure, ultrasound; get your cadence going: legs or crank; get vocal: laugh, cry, sing(find a group)—your goal being angiogenesis, neurogenesis, and the knock-on effects—and when these rhythms are no longer unknown, invigorate: sporadically increase the frequency; try cryotherapy: shiver, feel goose-bumps; and if logistically-fortunate swim(not everyone swims). Not everyone has access to all these activities, yet everyone needs enough of them, because enjoying none defeats the privilege of given life.
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