Lifetally Collection
darkness >^2000see...
short hand suite^2018 P essbar esscan essand dunbar foobar
undone march >^2018
on 2 strings^2018 celebrating > a fruitful summer solstice week
a minor^> 1978
wakers > 2015 for if you, too, have been sleeping
a minor > 1978/2015 accidentally scored for percussion(Track:10)
harmonica > Spring 2018 from the sunshine State
guitar > Winter 2018 from the Med
spaced sketches^2010 P 1 2 3
spaced sketch^2011 1
synth'ed > 2013 cozy room sketch
journey P 1 2 3 4 2 5 1 6 7 8 10 sonic renditions of 8 sketches
golden age P 16 24 1 2 4 5 68 9 8 essential emotion evoking expressions
golden age P 1 2 4 5 9 16 24 68 the same 8 sketches, un-plugged, on tour
instrument P 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 soundfont sampler
untitled P 1 2 3 leftovers
span > 2017 sketchedenvisioningnumbers
full house > 2013 looking into atonality
cozy room > 2013 step on the pedal, and stop at 13
resolving > 2017 suspended triads(author's system)
diminshed > 2017 an octaveful of 3-semitone intervals
jingleX > 1998/2013 Blue Ribbon SoundWorks
jingle6 > 2011-13 Creative Labs Rhythmania
jingle8 > 2011-13 Microsoft Music Producer
dusk > 2002 in memoriam^a less-dark round
hearts > harp1^2000 of the local fitba' team'ssong
battle > 2012 of the patriotichymn
taps > 2015 guitar^bugle^harmonics
harp2^2013 >
guitar > 2013 plastic-wound^strings waltzing into a wet room
harp3 > 2013 crossing^strings
forboden > 2015 don't^go there!
boathaven > 2000/7 tapping hearing fret to nut, muting fret to bridge
more > 2015 tapping fret to nut harp3^
2015 Picture the harmony of music played.
Fusion determiner July 2016 Hold your finger up half way between the screen and your eyes. Focus on your finger—if you see two fingers, bring them together—then the 2 images behind will merge into 1 stereoscopic image (of 3 images inline). The (C) in the central image appears closer than the (D), confirming that you are in convergence fusion. When the (D) is closer than the (C) you are in divergence fusion. To get your eyes into divergence fusion, put the image halfway between your eyes and your finger (You may find this less easy)—print the image, cut it out, and work away from the computer—focus on vertical objects (e.g. metal poles) various distances beyond the printed image-pair. What's neat aboutthisimage is it can beflipped,mirrored, androtated, and retain its functionality. The next category goes through steps to detect and measurecyclotropia.
Once you've masteredfusion, this further test determines if, and by how much, your eyes are cyclotropic 2016 the image above is a snapshot of the original SVG document which is interactive. For now, put the image above into convergence fusion, and then divergence fusion. The blue and yellow colored spokes should overlap, blending their colors to appear green. If the blue spokes stay square, and the yellow ones skew, your left eye is rotated. Knowing that left is yellow, and right is blue, you can move the images to align with your eyes. The image pair can beresized, their depthinverted, each image can be rotated, on itsownaxis, or on theother's, and likewise they can bemovedaround without rotation. If you have no difficulty with fusion of theoriginaltitle image, look no further. If you do have rotation, and want to alter the image attitudes, here is theSVGdocument for fine tuning. Click on any component (and even the spaces between components) to manipulate the relationship between the 2 images. Overall rotation is the absolute sum in degrees of the two rotations, e.g. left rotation = -3 degrees, right = 2 degrees, total = 5 degrees. Head-tilt can be detected with wearingpinholes.
Beyondcyclotropia—an exposure to violent contrasts 2016, an education in refraction, beginning withtrainingwheels, later fitted intoframes, with experimentalrejectsalong the way, ends withthisverticalized series of columns and blackout zones centered to pupillary distance—used for exercises: correcting head tilt; fusing between columns; moving images from vision to memory and back; tilting head 30o, etc.. At worst, a poor man's diagnostic tool: a tiny foveal black circle appears during stressful days; eye floaters appear like an olive oil slick (thick and chained, or tiny loose bubbles) following sudden agitation, slowly descending, indicating retina fragmentation, as with (onset) Alzheimer's. Note Initial wearing of pinholes causes eye fatigue. Warning! Do not drive wearing pinholes. Warning! Do not cross the street alone wearing pinholes.
Fly press punch tool imprint early 1980s made by 5 cutting components: 3 round studs, a long hand, and a short hand. Start by inserting a cut strip of ABS (the red piece of plastic shown) from the Right side until under the 3 studs. Cycle the press (bring the cutter down) to make 3 holes. Advance the strip (to the Right), placing the locating hole (the odd-one-out on the plastic strip—the one that doesn't become a hole in either clock hand) over the locating pin, cycle the press again, and voila!, you've made a small hand (it appears at your feet), again, move the new odd hole Right onto the pin and, this cycle (and subsequent) cuts you a large and a small hand and 3 little round useless bits. Make an equivalent amount of yellow hands, and you have the prescribed alternately-colored large and small hand pairs, and, intentionally, the least amount of plastic waste.
Thegenesisof repeating background patterns used on pages here from a painting 1987 of theFORTHprogramming language logo.
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The Papertape color theme introduced April 2018 offers Green, Blue, and Red Inline elements: Green for information with no clickability; Blue to display an image as the title image, also to display a block of text below, and as an anchor to a URL; and Red to play a media file using the system-assigned player.(J)= javascript required, P = playlist, > = play, and^= image/photo.

phones zone 2018 Most of the playable audio on this page targets the stereo headphones soundspace, and is deprecated with the use of ear-buds and phablet speakers and wireless devices, and is not improved by paying more than the cost of plain, functional, headphones.