darkness > ^ 2000 howto
spaced sketches ^ 2010 P 1 2 3
spaced sketch ^ 2011 1
synth'ed > 2013 cozy room sketch
taps > 2015 guitar ^ bugle ^ harmonics
harp2 ^ 2013 >
guitar > 2013 plastic-wound ^ strings waltzing into a wet room

Time-travel and find legacy is backward from today where it's forward to outlook

The Papertape color theme introduced April 2018 offers Green, Blue, and Red Inline elements: Green for information with no clickability; Blue to display an image as the title image, also to display a block of text below, and as an anchor to a URL; and Red to play a media file using the system-assigned player. (J) = javascript required, P = playlist, > = play, and ^ = image/photo.

phones zone 2018 Most of the playable audio on this page targets the stereo headphones soundspace, and is deprecated with the use of ear-buds and phablet speakers and wireless devices, and is not improved by paying more than the cost of plain, functional, headphones.