Lifetally Collection

darkness 2000-2003 wellness-determining, slowly-shifting, musical round
dusk 9/11 half as dark, half as long, in memoriam
forboden 2015 Don't go there!
suspension 2017 Video: Resolving suspended triads(author's system)
diminshed 2017 Video: An octave's worth of 3-semitone intervals
harp3_1 1978 guitar original, now fretless bass
jingle1 1998/2013 from banjo, to alternating plastic bands
harp3_2 2013 crossing strings
scrap1 2013 plastic-wound strings entering a wet room
wakers 2015 a sleeping ditty, awaiting improvisation
scrap3 1978/2015 accidentally scored for percussion(Track:10)

journey 12345678910 sonic renditions of sequences
golden age 12345678 essential emotion evoking expressions
golden age 12345678 the same sketches, un-plugged, on tour
instrument 1234567 sketches allocated proprietary fonts
scraps 123 leftovers
span1 2017 Sketched watching numbers
cozy room 2013 looking into atonality
full house 2013 step on the pedal, and stop at 13

envision 2015 Picture the harmony of music played.

wellness 2014 Find your wellness destination here.

diet 2015 Change your wellness destination here.

exercise 2003 Invest your wellness in competition.