Lifetally Collection
darkness>2000/3wellnessdetermining, slowly shifting, musical round
dusk>9/11half as dark, half as long, in memoriam^
a minor^>1978harp3^
wakers>2015a sleeping ditty awaiting improvisation
harmonica>Spring 2018from the sunshine State
guitar>Winter 2018from the Med
pianoearly 1900sForgive the arrogance, not to mention the copyright infringement, and the audacity of time-travel, yet when luminaries the likes of (in crossfade order) Abram Chasins, Frederic Lamond, Robert Armbruster, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Ferruccio Busoni, and Ignacy Jan Paderewski, grace our humble studio, and make the piano sound like this>, the enlightenment has to be propagated.
journeyP123425167810sonic renditions of8sketches
golden ageP162412456898essential emotion evoking expressions
golden ageP12459162468the same8sketches, un-plugged, on tour
instrumentP1234567soundfont sampler
full house>2013looking into atonality
cozy room>2013step on the pedal, and stop at 13
resolving>2017suspended triads(author's system)
diminshed>2017an octaveful of 3-semitone intervals
jingleX>1998/2013Blue Ribbon SoundWorks software
jingle6>2011-13Creative Labs Rhythmania
jingle8>2011-13Microsoft Music Producer
hearts>harp1^2000of the local fitba' team'ssong
battle>2012of the famoushymn
forboden>2015don't^go there!
guitar>2013plastic-wound^strings waltzing into a wet room
harp2^2013>inherent intonation, MONO+fx
boat(haven)>2000/7tappinghearing fret to nut, muting fret to bridge
guitar>2015more tappingfret to nut
a minor>1978/2015accidentally scored for percussion(Track:10)
synth'ed>2013cozy room sketch>

title imageLaurel Medalisthood ornament etch.^

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phones zone 2018 Most of the playable audio on this page targets the stereo headphones soundspace, and is deprecated with the use of ear-buds and phablet speakers and wireless devices, and is not improved by paying more than the cost of plain, functional, headphones.

time travel2018backward tolegacy,and forward tooutlook.